Thursday, September 20, 2012

47% of us are Common People

By now you have heard all about it. The 47% secret video given by Mitt Romney. However, this is a great response to it brought to you by none other than Stephen Colbert.(Click this link for the video.)

I am not saying anything about party lines or who you should vote for. Today I was hopefully inspired to read a blog post by Moby about what viewing the secret video was like for him. (Click this link to his blog.)
At the end of his blog post, he quotes the following Pulp song that was huge for a moment in the 90's and though not earth-shattering, it's catchy and reflects the rhetoric of Us and Them that's so evident in the secret video:

The Colbert Report's rehash of Mitt's secret video might have been funny and disturbing but like lots of great art, it accentuates lines and color that were in the original secret video. The reason the Colbert Report makes me laugh is because inverse to the X-Files, the truth is In there.

Moby has great things to say in his blog post and I include it because it touched me. His mom was on welfare and he went on to do many things, employ many people, pay beaucoup income taxes. 

This myth of the lifting oneself up from one's own bootstraps has to be smashed. Sure, the structure of welfare needs changing. I am down with that, however I am not down with marginalization of a whole 47% of the human personhood while corporate personhood gets welfare all the livelong day.

I realize I am simplifying things. I know only a little about this but I am going to keep talking about it because we have to talk about this stuff, share our stories and work together to change policies and perspectives. Conversations change the world, so let's have one.

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