Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This Bouquet

I was talking to a friend of mine on Twitter about her tattoo. She has a blue button flower tattooed on her arm and I was commenting on how delicate it is. She told me she hopes to fill her arm with a bouquet over time. I think that's a fantastic idea, even though I am more covert with my tattoo placement in general. The idea of doing one thing nicely at a time is a good meditation for me as a social worker.

Someone asked what is going to get me down as I trudge the road of happy destiny, I mean, my MSW degree. So many things. Anything really. Or I can choose to turn it inside out and instead of focusing on the bleak, focusing in on the gifts every day has to offer. Maybe I missed my calling as a Hallmark Card writer. Maybe not. The basic principle I try to live by is being right sized and taking things as they come and trying to remember that no matter how freaked out I may or may not want to get, there is probably not a tiger chasing me. So I can relax a bit about whatever it is and accept it as yet another opportunity to learn about the human experience so maybe I can help someone else along the way?

My role in my educational journey is to examine every part of it and extract what I can from it, be it homework, parenting, relationship opportunities, and of course: work itself. I am working very hard to use what I have learned in the program I am in thus far to the work I do every day, the life I lead. I believe it is important to be ready to take the wheel of life when it comes but not push myself there before I or the situation has ripened.

Much of what I have learned to date is that the field of Social Work confirms what I knew before embarking on this journey. Such as the fact that programs are diminishing and there is a huge need for a large-scale revamp. Jane Addams is turning over in her grave. Of course I will raise my voice when it's needed but I have learned by way of experience that hollering doesn't always pack the most punch in changing things.

As for the culture of the D/L community, I want to make myself available as a social networking partner. If people need assistance with blogging or facebook or twitter or any of the rest, let me know and we can schedule some time. I am grateful to have such a group of intelligent, driven individuals that I already feel I can call most any time for support be it scholastic or otherwise.

So here is to tattoos and flowers and Hallmark and Jane Addams and the future of Social Work!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have always been interested in people and how they work both with and against each other. I suppose that is where my interest in social work comes from. I have been politically active since the age of 10 when it occurred to me that Redwood Trees were indeed, rare. It was about then when I started asking all kinds of questions.

I am a case manager at a very small nonprofit in Fort Bragg, CA that's focus is on assisting homeless and disabled people get stabilized and into permanent housing. Before working at my present place of employment, I worked as an in-home caregiver for hospice patients and people with Alzheimer's Disease for 10 years. Additionally, I have also been an event coordinator for national events, a wedding florist, a baker, a waitress, housekeeper, etc.

My undergraduate degree was awarded from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. I also studied at Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona and at a couple junior colleges.

My goal at present is to be the best mother, aunt, partner, friend, daughter, sister that I can be to all those in my life and those I meet throughout my day. Professionally it is to become an LCSW toward the end of doing private counseling practice as well as working within local agencies to help those with mental illness, advocacy, groups, etc.

One thing I want you to know about me is that I truly believe if I am not moving toward the light, I am moving toward the dark. Interpret that as you like.

Joshua Tree climbing trip a couple years ago.

My son and niece.

My son at Glass Beach.

My son and I. He's quite lively.

My sister and I in Ukiah at "the rocketship park."

My son and I, napping.

Me and my man.