Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bad Recommendations

I was checking my email today. I subscribe to a bunch of online newsletters. I recently subscribed to this one. The Icarus Project has a lot of things it presents and promotes but the what catches my eye and seems glaringly dangerous is the part where they encourage psychiatric patients how to get off their medicines.

The website has a Food not Bombs hand-holding a carrot logo and the art that reflects hours spent in an Indy Music store. I fit their demographic. I do encourage you to check out this website. I also encourage a dialogue about this article concerning the cessation of psychiatric medicines for people suffering from mental illnesses. 

What I do like about this website is the positive bent on how they view people who think in more creative ways. At the same time, it's not as if it could be as simple as The Man making medicines in order to keep you complacent. It isn't that simple.

If I were an medical doctor & I am not, I would tell anyone suffering from mental health symptoms to yes, talk to an psychiatrist, maybe with a neurology background and find the smartest and most trusted counselor they could find. I would tell them to confide in their dear friends and of course don't Just take pills. Don't be a passive consumer of your mental health. (Or anything else.) Use any tools you can find from mood-tracking Apps to journaling, creative expression, exercise, etc. Whatever works, do it. And don't forget to get some sleep.

I want to hear what you think about this, though.