Friday, November 2, 2012

Not About Balance

The assignment was to make a list of right brain and left brain traits and think about balancing them. I did the assignment. I created a table and in the ledger plugged in the traits for each that I see myself having. Halfway through it was very clear I am much heavier in the right brain traits and though I crave and seek out opportunities and even surround myself with people who are heavier in the left brain traits.

This is funny because in my family, I am known as the one who organizes things. Maybe it's because I have had to teach myself to compensate for my heavily weighted non-linear skills. 

I think these types of processes are interesting to be aware of but my job as I see it, is not to try and be more of something I am not but to accept myself for who I am more and more in every way. With that, I also want to help encourage others to be and accept themselves in every way. 

There is no way I can be something I am not and maintain any level of sanity. This ideal of balance that is so popular these days seems to have been best used for pirates when they measured their gold

As much as I want to shoot for balance, I don't see that happening. After meditation and trying to eat right and pray right and practice practice practice I am still merely human. I vacillate from one side to the other, just like everyone. The best I can hope for when thinking of balance is to cut myself some slack for being exactly who I am and try to learn from the knees I skin as I jog through life.

Cheers to the humans who struggle!


  1. Fantastic post Jessica, you put a very interesting spin on what it means to embrace and accept our traits even if they may nor may not be perfectly balanced. I once spoke with a friend of mine whom I told about "strenghthening the areas in which we are weak." He then informed me that he thinks people spend too much time trying to improve what they are not great at, rather than utilizing and taking advantage of what they are good at. Your comment about trying to be what we are not made me think of this interaction.

  2. I found the same to be true of myself when I charted this out ...
    I always have thought that I was the left brained, linear, mathematical/ statistical / logical kinda gal, but not so much ...
    I can't figure out if I have changed or just didn't really recognize this about myself sooner. Hmmmmm ...
    I love the idea of balance being about cutting ourselves slack for exactly who we are... brilliant !! <3